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We're building a new kind of business phone. Our mission is to enhance the way people communicate at work and bring the phone out of the stone age. Follow us here to get a glimpse into our journey.

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We are Delinian. A leading portfolio of highly specialised global businesses focused on critical insights. It’s the fine margins that make the difference in competitive markets. Our clients need to be singularly focused on what really matters to find where opportunity exists. We help them gain a sharper edge in their market, powered by our specialist intelligence and expertise. Our businesses are deeply respected in their industries. They are the go-to source for critical data and expert insights. Their actionable intelligence and critical data – built up over years and constantly sharpened – are deeply embedded in clients’ workflows, enabling them to make the right moves at the right time. And their specialist expertise, gained through years of industry experience, allows them to provide insights that cut through. All this is built on the sturdiest of foundations. Forging deep connections and long-term relationships, we act as a trusted advisor and partner to our clients, anticipating what they need at every stage. And we’re truly global, with customers in 160 countries and over 2,500 employees across North America, South America, Europe and Asia.

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Collective Voice offers influencer programs to help creators grow, monetize and track their efforts. Join today!

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Unlock the full potential of Artificial Intelligence technology with's all-in-one AI SuperApp. From copywriting to image capabilities, our platform has all needed to take you to the next level. Sign up now 100% free and gain the AI advantage.

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API for Retrieval Augmented Generation

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Give the best customer support experience with human + conversational AI chatbot softwares, create bot from scratch quickly with no-code builder from Kommunicate.

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TableFlow is an open source data import platform for companies to collect and transform customer data. Instead of building an in-house file upload and processing service, businesses can embed or link to TableFlow's customizable importer to manage their data onboarding needs.

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Lloyd Recruitment Group WA (LRGWA) is a Perth-based recruitment agency that specializes in finding great people to join a team regardless of the industry or discipline. They offer a range of recruitment services tailored to the unique requirements of each client and have expertise in various sectors.

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Shop the latest luxury fashion arrivals from Victoria Beckham including Ready-to-wear, elegant Dresses & Accessories with complimentary delivery & returns.

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A tool for MSPs who have been hunting and pecking for their big automation wins – saving bushels of brain cycles.

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