CosaVostra is a digital strategy consultancy firm with expertise in digital strategy, monetization, business development, and change management. They offer services in web development, design, content, and growth strategies. CosaVostra has worked with clients such as Google, Orange, Sony, Kellogg's, and Microsoft. They also have a startup studio called Pareto where they co-create startups in various industries. The company is active on social media platforms and has job openings available. They have a blog, case studies, and resources on their website.

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MTS Transportation Leasing

MTS Transportation Leasing is a full-service 3PL company specializing in 'Power Only' transportation nationwide. They offer transportation services including dry van, refrigerated, power only, and freight brokers. MTS provides 3PL services throughout the entire United States. They have a fleet of over 1,100 trucks and employ over 2,500 truck drivers and support staff. MTS emphasizes controlled cost of transportation and allows customers to focus on improving their bottom line.

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Fate Therapeutics

Fate Therapeutics is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company based in San Diego, California. The company develops programmed cellular immunotherapies for cancer and immune disorders worldwide.

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Conservice is the largest utility management provider in the nation, serving multifamily communities, commercial properties, single-family homes, student housing, military housing, and more. They focus on utility management and use proprietary software to deliver actionable insights and reduce wasted time, money, and resources. Conservice is committed to sustainability and offers services to help customers save money while reducing energy and water usage.

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Wolmer Gruppen A/S

Wolmer Gruppen A/S is a painting contractor specializing in surface treatments, renovations, and construction projects. They offer a wide range of painting services, including ceilings, walls, windows, doors, and facades, as well as spackling work and wallpaper installation. The company has a strong team of skilled painters and surface specialists who ensure high-quality and consistent results. They provide competent advice and guidance to their clients throughout the project and have references and testimonials from satisfied clients. Wolmer Gruppen A/S also offers a franchise program for individuals who want to become independent surface specialists and join their company.

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Hyundai Auto Canada Corp.

Hyundai Auto Canada Corp. is a subsidiary of Hyundai Motor Company of Korea and is headquartered in Markham, Ontario. It is one of the best-selling foreign manufacturers in Canada, offering a full line-up of vehicles from subcompact to luxury. The company is committed to providing high-quality, safe, and well-designed vehicles.

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JackTrip is a leading provider of low-latency, high-quality audio and video tools that enable musicians to collaborate remotely and unlock new musical possibilities.

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National Utility Group

National Utility Group offers a range of utility management solutions. They provide consulting services, payments, utility expense management, and utility management. The company focuses on delivering results, conserving resources, and making a bottom-line impact. They offer advanced analytics, benchmarking, and forecasting. National Utility Group provides smart utility solutions for various types of housing, including single-family housing, multi-family housing, homeowner associations, corporate housing, and military housing.

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HOOKIPA Pharma Inc.

HOOKIPA Pharma Inc. is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on developing novel immunotherapies to fight cancer and chronic infectious diseases. The company pioneers a proprietary arenavirus platform technology to develop therapies that reprogram the body's immune system.

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ReSales Online

ReSales Online is a business network for real estate agents in Spain, offering real estate management software and a B2B multi-listings service. With over 1000 member agents, ReSales Online has established itself as a leading platform in the Spanish real estate market. The company operates in the technology, application software, and property management sectors.

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BIP UK | BIP US (formerly Chaucer) is an international consultancy that operates at the intersection of business and technology, delivering sustainable solutions at pace and scale. They offer a range of services including business consulting, life science processes, data-driven business change, digital innovation and security, project and portfolio management, and more. BIP is committed to innovation, collaboration, and sustainability.

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Neural DSP

Neural DSP is a Finnish company specializing in offering guitar plugins and sound processing software and hardware for the music industry. They automate non-creative production work for musicians at a lower cost.

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Source Elements

Source Elements is a leading provider of remote recording and collaboration solutions for the broadcast and post-production industry. They offer a range of products including Source-Connect, Source-Live, Source-Nexus, Source-Zip, Source-LTC, Source-RTL, Source-Talkback, Source-VC, and ISDN Bridge. They cater to various industries such as TV & film, advertising, music, podcasting, voiceovers, broadcasting/reporting, education, and content creation.

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BEF Biosystems

BEF Biosystems is a privately held company founded in 2016, based in Torino, Italy. The company focuses on breeding insects for healthy and sustainable animal feed, with the objective of alleviating the environmental impact of traditional animal feed production.

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Essence Station

Essence Station is a virtual self-care platform that offers a variety of virtual sessions for individuals to prioritize their well-being and create a personalized routine based on their needs and comfort levels. With a 14-day free trial, Essence Station provides flexibility and convenience through accessible services that can be accessed 24/7 on computers, smartphones, and televisions via Chromecast.

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Cascina Canée

Cascina Canée is a lodging company located on the shores of Lake Maggiore in Italy, offering comfortable and private accommodations. The company owns a cookery school called Cuscinée, providing guests with the opportunity to learn the art of good food. Cascina Canée is committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of its guests, with regular sanitization of rooms and common areas, making it a Covid safe place. The property boasts a beautiful garden spanning over 2000 square meters, providing a serene and relaxing environment for guests. Cascina Canée aims to provide absolute relaxation, good food, and genuine but refined cuisine, offering guests a memorable and enjoyable stay.

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HOKA is a sportswear company that designs and markets running shoes. The company's purpose is to inspire people to move and it creates innovative solutions for athletes of all types using an "always-on" approach. HOKA aims to empower athletes to act fearlessly and creatively, driving forward with purpose and passion. The company believes in representing all athletes and promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in its operations. Sustainability is also a key focus for HOKA, encompassing everything from environmental sustainability to decision-making processes.

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Drumelia Real Estate

Drumelia Real Estate is a luxury real estate agency based in Marbella, Spain. They offer a hand-picked collection of high-end homes in the Marbella area, with exclusive listings of luxury properties. They provide exceptional online presence and property marketing strategies to ensure their clients receive the quality of service they demand.

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PatientPop is a healthcare practice growth platform. They offer a range of features and services to help practices attract and retain more patients, modernize the patient experience, and streamline front office workflows.

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Sage Equities

Sage Equities is a real estate investment house that specializes in US multifamily properties. The company operates in five different segments of the real estate market in the US and Canada: multifamily acquisitions, multifamily development, senior housing development and operating, condo development, and commercial properties. With a focus on the Southeast region, Sage Equities has successfully acquired more than 10,000 units in this area. The company maintains a diverse portfolio consisting of multifamily acquisitions, multifamily development, and senior housing projects.

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MedLabReport is a clinical laboratory that helps individuals make sense of their medical exam results. They use AI to analyze symptoms, age, and other factors to deliver personalized reports. The reports cover various exam result types and are tailored to the specific health needs of the individual. MedLabReport offers free COVID-19 testing and testing services for businesses, schools, and universities. They are licensed and accredited by COLA, CLIA, Medicare, and the Illinois Department of Health.

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Tebra is a leading practice automation solution that aims to help independent healthcare practices thrive in the new era of healthcare. Tebra offers a complete operating system for practice well-being, providing various solutions to attract more patients, manage reputation, enhance patient experience, automate practice, deliver better care, get paid faster, and gain deeper insights.

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Gossamer Bio

Gossamer Bio is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on the development and commercialization of seralutinib for the treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension.

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Tabs Chocolate

Tabs Chocolate is a Miami-based company owned by Tabs Labs LLC that sells pleasure-boosting dark chocolate. The company uses high-quality natural ingredients, including 60% cocoa sourced from Belgium, Epimedium, and Maca Root, to enhance sexual health and performance. Tabs Chocolate aims to destigmatize the sexual enhancement industry and provide a premium experience for its customers.

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