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Capgemini is a global consulting and IT services company that offers services in various industries, including banking, insurance, energy, healthcare, and technology. They provide services such as consulting, technology, and outsourcing.

Last updated: 9/16/2023, 8:51:16 AM

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Competitors include...



d-fine is a company that offers consulting and IT services in various industries, including Banking & Capital Markets, Insurance & Asset Management, Energy & Industrials, Healthcare, Consumer & Services, Technology, and Public Sector. They provide innovative and future-proof solutions through sustainable management consulting.

Updated 7 days ago



ContexioB2B is a leading solutions provider in the Ecommerce and Information Management space globally. They focus on solving the challenges of Brands, Distributors, Retailers, and Marketplaces involved in B2B trade and B2C sales. They help clients improve their business competitiveness, achieve operational efficiencies, and enhance their online presence.

Updated 5 days ago



Digiotai is a digital transformation (DX) enablement partner that provides digital business solutions, improved operations, digital growth, and innovation. They specialize in IoT, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Big Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Augmented Reality, and DevOps. Digiotai offers consulting services to empower enterprises from "Ideation to Innovation" and realize digital transformation. They work with various industries including Manufacturing, Automotive, Logistics & Supply Chain, and Energy & Utilities.

Updated 4 days ago


Alaya Digital Solutions

Alaya is a technology company that develops digital solutions for the national and international market. They aim to support and optimize key processes and reinforce the business models of their clients, increasing their productivity and reducing costs and risks.

Updated 2 days ago



iO is a blended agency that combines expertise in strategy, marketing, innovation, and digital. They offer a wide range of services including marketing automation, content and inbound marketing, advertising and media, social media, and marketplaces. iO also provides services in web development, e-commerce, custom development and integrations, self-service portals, and artificial intelligence. They work with platforms and partners such as HubSpot, Google Marketing Platform, Shopware, Sitecore, Drupal, and Storyblok.

Updated 1 days ago



BIP UK | BIP US (formerly Chaucer) is an international consultancy that operates at the intersection of business and technology, delivering sustainable solutions at pace and scale. They offer a range of services including business consulting, life science processes, data-driven business change, digital innovation and security, project and portfolio management, and more. BIP is committed to innovation, collaboration, and sustainability.

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