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KPMG is a global professional services firm that offers consulting services in various industries, including healthcare.

Last updated: 9/16/2023, 8:46:20 AM

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2perspectives.de is a consulting company that offers expert advice and pragmatic support in management and implementation in the healthcare industry.

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Teneo is a global CEO advisory firm that provides trusted advisors to leaders navigating a changing world. With a relentless focus on delivering value to individuals and society, Teneo offers a range of services including financial advisory, management consulting, people advisory, risk advisory, and strategy & communications. The firm has practice areas such as board search & effectiveness, brand strategy & corporate positioning, business continuity & resiliency, business transformation, and more. Teneo provides insights through articles and an insights series on their website. They have a global presence with offices in over 40 locations and a team of over 1,600 professionals who collaborate to solve complex issues. Teneo values relentless client focus, elevating their people, borderless collaboration, inclusivity and initiative, openness and trust, and integrity and accountability. The company also emphasizes career opportunities and encourages the growth of their team members.

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iO is a blended agency that combines expertise in strategy, marketing, innovation, and digital. They offer a wide range of services including marketing automation, content and inbound marketing, advertising and media, social media, and marketplaces. iO also provides services in web development, e-commerce, custom development and integrations, self-service portals, and artificial intelligence. They work with platforms and partners such as HubSpot, Google Marketing Platform, Shopware, Sitecore, Drupal, and Storyblok.

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