Generative Ai Overview

Companies in the Generative Ai space


Meta GPT

Meta GPT is a platform that offers advanced ChatGPT services, allowing users to set the role of GPT in every chat and use a library of ready-made roles or create their own.

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Zeo Agency

Zeo Agency is a digital marketing agency that offers a range of services including Generative AI, SEO, Performance Marketing, Content Marketing, and Web Analytics. They have worked with notable clients such as Amazon, BMW, PepsiCo, and MediaMarkt. Zeo Agency has offices in London, Istanbul, and Ankara.

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H offers infrastructure for deploying and serving ML models.

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G is a company that offers NLU monitoring and analytics services for LLM products, helping organizations gain deeper insights into their users' interactions and conversations using Generative AI. They are currently in the early access phase and actively hiring.

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Workiva Inc.

Workiva is a cloud platform that brings financial reporting, ESG, and GRC together in a controlled, secure, audit-ready platform. The platform offers solutions for data connectivity, generative AI, and security. Workiva serves different teams and industries, helping to simplify work and connect teams and processes.

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SmarTek21 is a technology company that specializes in leveraging Generative AI to power advanced data ecosystems and conversational interfaces. They offer a range of services and solutions, including Agile DevOps, Data Engineering & Analytics, Testing Automation and Support, and Managed Services.

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AI Directory

Similar to TAAFT, AI Directory offers a search engine for AI tools and resources. It also features recently launched AIs and provides a brief description and category for each one.

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D-ID, the leading AI Video Creation Platform, helps you make photorealistic videos using generative AI via D-ID’s API or Creative Reality™ studio.

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